Hi, I’m Allen and I’m a rather lucky fellow, I have family, friends, work interests and varied hobbies that keep life interesting. What I don’t have is control over the weather. It’s cold out there! You might think I’d have to update that statement for half the year but no, I’d say it’s cold outside from October through May. But that’s not important right now.

Besides having weather sensitivities, I also enjoy singing and travel. You might say I’ve traveled a lot. I started exploring the globe in the seventies and I’m not through yet. I’ve visited more than 64 countries and I’ve been on literally hundreds of cruises. Along the way, I’ve made friends and business contacts all over the world. If a destination has any appeal to it at all, I’m probably aware of it and may have even been there personally. Go ahead, test me. Ask me about a destination and I’ll give you my thoughts on it: (Ask Allen about…).

Oh yes, singing… I like a lot of music but my favorites are musical theater, Barbra Streisand and big band/swing. I’m not saying I’m good but, Frank Sinatra and I sing in the same key. I’m just sayin…

If you want to judge for yourself, click the play button: Loneliness

I’ve written musicals and had them produced off-Broadway in NYC. Homeseekers and Father Father are two of my musicals but the one I am most passionate about is Lapopessa. Lapopessa is a musical accounting of the real life historical characters of a nun named Pascalina Lehnert and a priest named Eugenio Pacelli who with the help of Pascalina, becomes Pope Pius XII. I have a website that fully describes the show and even has songs from the musical available for you to hear: Lapopessa, the Musical.

Another thing that I am proud of is my incentive travel company, Innovative Incentives, Inc. I started the business with a partner in the year 2000 and I have brought hundreds of people on fantastic trips to such places as Hong Kong, Beijing, Sydney, Budapest, Prague, Nevis, Switzerland, Monaco, Spain, Greece, South Africa and other exotic locations. As a boutique incentive company, I have provided services to individuals and huge medical technology corporations such as Boston Scientific, Straumann and Smith & Nephew. Some of my other clients that you may have heard of are CBS Radio, WBCN Boston, Papa Gino’s/D’Angelo’s and Piccadilly Pub.

Although I’ve traveled the world, I enjoy living in a small New England town with a population of about 5000. I literally live in the woods with the wolves. Well, coyotes anyway. This coming spring, I’m going to once again share my outdoor space with chickens and who knows, maybe other fine-feathered friends. In the past, I’ve had ducks, geese, turkeys, pheasants and 3 different kinds of goats.

So there it is, an introduction to me, your host. If you have any comments, please post them and I’ll reply.

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